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Watch Your Dog’s Diet During the Housetraining Process

As your dog is learning to follow a potty break routine, you have to avoid doing anything that makes the lessons harder. One way you can help this process is in managing the dog’s food intake. As you monitor and log the crate time and potty breaks, you’ll notice a pattern in your dog’s elimination. Make sure that the food you provide and the timing of feedings don’t compromise training. Feed your dog at the same time each day. If you feed him in the morning before […]

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Cruel House Training Tactics Are Out

If you bring home a puppy, be prepared to deal with accidents during the potty training phase. It’s shocking the way people use abusive tactics to stop a puppy from doing what comes naturally. Puppies are no more prepared to be instantly potty trained than human infants are. A period of development needs to be reached before the puppy is ready to follow your requests and commands. The puppy desperately wants to please you and doesn’t understand why he’s being punished. The old views of punishment as […]

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Setting a Schedule for Your Dog’s Elimination

As you housetrain your dog, you have to set up a schedule. Your dog isn’t going to do that for himself. It takes your effort and monitoring for several weeks to a few months for this to occur, so that your dog learns a routine. You can help your dog know when it’s the right time to go potty by repeating that routine consistently. When most people wake up, they usually go to the bathroom soon afterwards. Well, your dog needs the same courtesy. Don’t stop to […]

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