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Cruel House Training Tactics Are Out

If you bring home a puppy, be prepared to deal with accidents during the potty training phase. It’s shocking the way people use abusive tactics to stop a puppy from doing what comes naturally. Puppies are no more prepared to be instantly potty trained than human infants are. A period of development needs to be reached before the puppy is ready to follow your requests and commands. The puppy desperately wants to please you and doesn’t understand why he’s being punished. The old views of punishment as […]

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Consistency Is Key with Housetraining

There are very few dogs that can’t be housetrained – just poor pet owners who don’t understand the value of consistency. You’re the most important element in successful housetraining for a puppy or adult dog that’s new in your home. The dog is looking to you to set boundaries and rules, while also showing that he’s welcome in your world. Housetraining might take a few days – or it might take months – each dog is different. It takes at least several weeks or a few months […]

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Don’t Scold, But Use Positive Reinforcement Instead

Have you ever noticed that as soon as you start fussing, your puppy hangs his little head and tucks his tail between his legs in despair? He knows you’re upset and has no idea what to do about it. If it’s because of his “accident” on the floor, he’s really confused. He had to potty and you weren’t there to take him out – or you were too busy on the computer to stop and notice his needs. At some point his bladder couldn’t take it anymore […]

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