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Which Dog Breed Is Right for Your Family?

Choosing the right dog for your family is a bigger decision than you may initially think. There are about 330 pure breeds and almost another 80 that were developed by breeders by mixing different combinations of pure breeds. Some breeds were mixed in ways that kept the characteristics, yet caused the dogs to be larger or smaller than the original breed. With so many choices, you have to think of each dog breed as having specific characteristics, temperament, size, function and abilities. Each dog within that breed […]

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Don’t Make a Spur-of-the-Moment Decision to Own a Dog

One of life’s great mistakes is taking your children into a pet store if you aren’t serious about bringing home a pet. You can be sure that in a matter of minutes, your children will connect with the cutest little puppy. You say no, then they hand the puppy to you and you’re face to face with pleading brown puppy eyes and crying children. So between the children’s begging and memories of the family dog from your youth, you’re paying for a shopping cart full of dog […]

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