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Should You Start with a Puppy?

Oh the feel of soft puppy fur, sloppy wet licks and warm cuddling! A puppy melts the hearts and softens the wallets as adults who swear they don’t need a dog end up with a puppy before they can say, “What just happened here?” There’s something magical about bringing home a little fur ball that needs you as much as an infant does. It’s an opportunity to train the dog from an early age to fit your environment and lifestyle. If you have children, you can show […]

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Housebreaking Versus Housetraining

Housebreaking a puppy starts with the wrong premise – breaking. It’s as if you want to make the puppy stop being a puppy and function like a perfect little toy. That’s neither fair nor realistic. A pet owner who wants to establish a positive relationship with the pet is focused on housetraining. This approach shows the puppy how to live comfortably in your environment. Forget the old school methods that teach you to start paper training and swatting a puppy the first day it’s home. Whether you […]

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Don’t Make a Spur-of-the-Moment Decision to Own a Dog

One of life’s great mistakes is taking your children into a pet store if you aren’t serious about bringing home a pet. You can be sure that in a matter of minutes, your children will connect with the cutest little puppy. You say no, then they hand the puppy to you and you’re face to face with pleading brown puppy eyes and crying children. So between the children’s begging and memories of the family dog from your youth, you’re paying for a shopping cart full of dog […]

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Don’t Get a Dog with a Poor Disposition

Don't Get a Dog With Poor Disposition

Each dog breed is known for certain basic characteristics – including temperament. As a result, you can rely on this information to help you choose a dog whose attitude and disposition match your own. Some smaller dogs are known to be feisty and noisy, while some larger dogs are quiet and tranquil. One thing you need to know up front is that you’re not going to get a dog to go contrary to his inherent instincts. So if you like the look of a certain breed, be […]

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Choosing Between a Male and Female Dog

Some dog owners claim that males are typically more aggressive and destructive, particularly in small spaces. Female dogs are said to be easier to train and more affectionate. Depending on the dog breed, these stereotypes may be true or not. Choosing a female dog means either taking the initiative to spay, or deal with the issue of the dog being in heat. Failure to take action for doggie birth control means that you’re constantly trying to find homes for cute litters of puppies. Female dogs don’t have […]

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Bad Dogs Are a Reflection of Their Owners

Bad Dogs are a Reflection of Their Owners

How often do you hear an owner shout, “Bad dog” when what really needs to be said is “Bad handler?” It’s irritating to be walking down the sidewalk in your own neighborhood only to have a dog jump up on your clean clothes. Or your new neighbor has a huge dog that likes to leave piles of “calling cards” in your front yard. Are these bad dogs? These dogs are not anymore bad than the neighbor’s out of control kids. Why blame the dog (or the kids) […]

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