Dog Crate Tips

Would we as humans like being kept inside a cage for minutes/hours a day? Of course we wouldn’t. But if we take a step back and look at when we were young children we can probably all remember when our parents made us go to our room for a time-out. Let’s look at few dog crate ideas for a perfect pet long term.

Dogs having accidents indoors would be a prime candidate for some type of small indoor crate for training. These small indoor crates, allowing your pet just enough room to stand up inside, will be very useful training tools.

When the dog wakes up in the morning remove your pet from the crate and take outside, when returning back indoors reward your pet with a small treat and do not make them go back inside the crate. Let your pet roam around and play with family while keeping a close watch. Should your pet have an accident this would be a perfect time to return to the crate letting your pet know that he/she has done wrong. At night your pet can return to the crate with a blanket to lay on, and maybe a small toy to chew on.

TIP- It is important to not get a crate too large for your pet as this can sometimes make them think they can use half the crate as a bathroom and the rest as sleeping area.

Plastic, Canvas, Metal, etc.– which one should I get? This can be a personal choice for you and your pet. If travel is anticipated for you and your pet you may want to go with a “heavy duty” plastic crate, this allows your pet superior protection and is extremely durable and washable. If the crate is predominantly going to be used indoors at home then the canvas crates are an excellent choice. If your dog is larger, a metal crate may work better as these are mostly indestructible and have plenty of larger openings for a larger breed dog to look out while confined.

These crates come in many different sizes and they can all ,for the most part, be collapsed to make storage easy.

Remember, pets are like us “humans.” Sometimes they require a time-out to make them know they have done wrong. Your pet will be happy with your choices as long as you and your family always show them companionship.